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Throughout my life, I have had many successes and a lot of failures. These events have changed who I am and realize those things do not define my reality. They are merely experiences which have given me the strength to persevere. I know where I’ve been and how I was able to pull myself through these hardships. My patience and strength has now become a powerful force in my life.  


I personally allowed negative thoughts and emotions to consume my life and dictate how I performed.  When problems would arise, I would contemplate an outcome and envision the worst.  As you can imagine, my situation always spiraled out of control.  For years, my insecurities were exposed.  I would question my actions and doubt whether I could even achieve the success I desired. 


My goal is to encourage and inspire you to be persistent in fulfilling your dreams and believe anything is possible.  I make it a habit to practice yoga on a regular basis, exercise three times a week and meditate each morning.  This routine helps to keep my mind peaceful, to protect it against the emotional states of fear and anxiety.


Today, the principles that influence how I act and conduct myself on a personal and professional manner are based upon my strong morals and values.   These characteristics  are  vital  in  building  a  solid  foundation  where my actions and intentions are in constant alignment.   These core values have played an important role in my personal  growth and my goal is to have them resonate with you and play a key role in your personal development plan. 

Take Back Your Life

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What is holding you back from living the life that you truly want to live?  Are you letting fear and anxiety control your life?  We all have days when these emotions overwhelm us.  For some of us, it can turn into weeks, months and sometimes years.  Fear and anxiety only serves to make us unworthy and inhibit our own will. 


Your limitations are only limited by your thinking. I want you to declare that you are no longer a victim but a victor.  You have everything you need on the inside to succeed.  The power lies within you, but you have to believe in yourself and believe you're worthy to accept the gifts of the universe. Taking control of your life can be very empowering.  New positive habits can lead to innovative ideas and these ideas allow you to shape and mold your future.


It's time to paint your story.  Imagine your picture being the exact life you have always dreamed about.  Quit waiting for things to happen, you need to take action and begin creating.  You have endless possibilities. Think without limitations where the world is your playground!    Remember, YOU are and will always be the creator of your destiny.

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Cheri is an energetic, motivating speaker with an engaging story.  She takes her audience on a journey of self-discovery where they learn to embrace their inner power by Taking Action and Believing in Themselves.

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Let’s remove those obstacles obstructing your path and start planting new seeds. Once the seeds take hold, they change shape and new blossoms appear.  These new flowers open up and reveal your unique talents, skills and strengths enabling you to reach your full potential.
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