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Yoga has been shown to improve overall health when practiced regularly. As with many forms of exercise, it can be modified for people of varying abilities. Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be done sitting in a chair and some of the benefits of chair yoga include: 

Improved flexibility - Better Concentration - Increased Strength - Reduce Stress and Joint Strain

Why not join me for a 45 minute, gentle Chair Yoga routine where we can stretch, increase our flexibility and build strength all in the comfort of our own home.   Looking forward to seeing you on the other side. Namaste'

Senior Yoga Class
None of these classes are RECORDED they are all LIVE Sessions 
Tuesday's Yoga Class
July 16th @ 7:30 am  
(Pacific Time)

45 min | Chair Yoga
Fee:  $5.00
Thursday's Yoga Class
July 18th @ 7:30 am  
(Pacific Time)

45 min | Chair Yoga
Fee:  $5.00

In order to receive the Chair Yoga link you must pay 45 minutes

prior to each class.  Once you purchase the class, you will be directed to a "Thank You" page and I will personally email you the Chair Yoga link.

Chair Yoga Classes

  • What is Zoom?
    Zoom is a video conferencing tool where you can host calls, audio conferencing, meetings and classes across mobile devices, desktops and telephones.
  • Do I have to download Zoom each week?
    No you do not. Once the zoom application has been downloaded on your laptop or personal computer it is there to stay. Every time you pay for a yoga class, I will provide you a new link where you can view the LIVE chair yoga class.
  • How do I view the Chair Yoga?
    Once you pay for the class, you will be directed to a "Thank You" page. Please watch your email, I will send you a link to the Chair Yoga Class. You will need this link in order to view the online class through If you have not downloaded, please do this before class.
  • How do I pay for the class?
    The button entitled "BUY NOW" will direct you to a paypal online system. There will be two options: If you have a paypal account you can login and pay through this system or you will see another option to pay with a credit card. Both options are secure and protected. Please be sure you populate the EMAIL field. It is required so I can email you the link to the Chair Yoga class. See you on the other side.
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