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What if I told you, you can do Chair Yoga in the comfort of your own home at your convenience?  Where you can select from a library of Chair Yoga videos and do a different one each day.   

Everything you need to do a Chair Yoga practice is at your finger tips and easy to access.  The only thing you have to bring is yourself and a chair to practice with.

Chair Yoga has the ability to transform your body, mind and soul by relieving your anxiety and helping your cope with everyday stress.  With a consistent practice you gain flexibility, strengthen your muscles and improve joint mobility.

Now close your eyes and imagine starting your day with a clear mind feeling refreshed and renewed.  How would that make your feel?


I will include 2 LIVE Zoom Chair Yoga Classes each week. 

If you were to pay for each class individually it would cost you

$5 per class.

However, with the membership price you are receiving a total of

8 Chair Yoga LIVE classes, which more than pays for the membership.

My goal is to encourage you to keep your body moving every day!

Chair Yoga Online

Membership Program

This membership program is designed to help you gain flexibility, improve your balance, strength, and decrease your stress and anxiety.  Even if you have never tried Chair Yoga before, these classes are designed for any Body at any age.    


Does This Sound Familiar?


I've Never Did Chair Yoga

Everyone’s practice is  personal. Yoga isn’t about  doing handstands or placing your leg behind your head. Yoga can be as simple as sitting and trying to slow down your racing mind.


I'm Not Flexible

Flexibility is not a prerequisite for yoga, however, with a consistent practice you will become flexible and gain strength.


Chair Yoga Is Too Hard

There will be challenges, but as your yoga teacher I will suggest various versions of a pose and offer modifications which can make a challenging pose more accessible.


I Have To Loose Some Weight

People of all shapes and sizes are can do a Chair Yoga class. If weight loss happens to be one of your goals, chair yoga can help.


I Can't Do Yoga If I Have Pain or An Illness

Let your common sense and your doctor be your guides as to whether or not you are healthy enough to exercise. If you feel up to it, and your doctor has given you the okay to get moving, a gentle chair yoga class may be a great way to ease back into physical activity.


I Can't Stay Focused On

The Breath

Yoga is about responding, not reacting. The key is to stop resisting thoughts and trying to make them go away. My tag line with every class is to: "Do Your Best and Forget the Rest"

If you answered YES to any of the above,



Sarah & Jim

"She is a great, positive person with a unique personality, always upbeat and a TERRIFIC yoga instructor"



"Cheri is a great yoga instructor! Norma and I did this at our club house together. It's a good way to start yoga and stretch!!"



"Chair yoga with Cheri has given me an excellent way to be healthy both physically and mentally. Cheri is an excellent instructor and I look forward to each class. It's a class for anyone - no matter your level of fitness. My 90 year old mom also does the class and she loves it! Thanks Cheri for your commitment to health and happiness. I am so grateful to have found you."

What People Are Saying


Mamma Lea

"I just love you.  I've been having such a difficult time working out because of my physical issues.  I can't wait to get started with this chair yoga!  I'm so excited"



"You are my angel.  So happy I found you!  No one talks about arthritis and how Chair yoga is so good for our joints.  Thank you - Thank you"



"I have had three back surgeries but these yoga exercises feel so good.  I am taking your advice and I am doing it slowly.  I am so glad I found you."


The TRUTH Is: You Can Absolutely Gain Strength and Flexibility By Taking a Chair Yoga Class




Poses to relieve back pain

Poses To Increase Your Flexibility

Yoga Benefits Heart Health

Yoga Improves Your Mood


Poses to Increase Joint Mobility

Poses to Help Stretch Your Hips

Yoga Relaxes You, So You Sleep Better

Yoga Promotes Self-Care


Yoga Eases Arthritis Symptoms

Yoga Manages Stress and Anxiety

Yoga Will Increase Your Energy

Promotes Healthy Eating Habits

Here’s the Truth: You can gain all these benefits by simply prioritizing and giving yourself permission to take care of YOU!

Hi Yogis!  I'm Cheri Schultz

Your Chair Yoga Instructor

Hi I'm Cheri Schultz and I have been practicing yoga for over 16 years.  Throughout my teaching experience, I came to realize senior citizens needed a different yoga routine.  As we age, it becomes more difficult to get up and down from the mat.  The Chair Yoga practice still has the same benefits as a mat routine, the only difference is the poses are performed sitting in a chair.  However, you also have the opportunity to stand for some poses, if you prefer.  

As a yoga instructor, my goal is to encourage and inspire you to be persistent and consistent with your Chair Yoga practice.  I want this practice to be enjoyable, where you can press the pause button and take the self-care time you deserve and live YOUR best life.

My strong morals and core values have played an important role in my personal and professional growth. My goal is to have them resonate with your personal development, where you can gain strength, flexibility and help reduce your stress and anxiety. 

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If you are wired, tired, anxious, stressed out and exhausted because you are not getting a goods night rest, let alone feeling motivated enough to move your body.  You probably cannot even imagine how you can even do a Chair Yoga class - Right?  You are here for the right reasons and I so excited you landed on my page!

I want you to create a mental and emotional comfort by establishing a daily yoga practice.  Are you ready to take time out of each day for some personal self-care? Come with me and I will help you stay consistent and get your body moving.

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This Chair Yoga membership will help you:

  • Gain Flexibility and Strength

  • Improve Your Posture

  • Decrease Stress & Anxiety

  • Increase Muscle Tone

  • Support Joint Health

  • Foster Mental Calmness

  • Help Relieve Back Pain

  • Improve Your Sleep

  • Benefit Hearth Health

  • Improved Respiration, Energy and Vitality

 These are just a few of the benefits Chair Yoga

has to  offer You!

You already know as a busy mom, wife, auntie, grandparent or sister that owning your own time can be difficult. 


By joining the Chair Yoga Membership, you will be able to do Chair yoga at your convenience in the privacy of your own home.  


You won't be intimated by another yogi wondering if you are doing the pose correctly. With my videos YOU are always doing the right pose!  Chair Yoga is based upon your mobility and flexibility and "Doing Your Best and Forgetting the Rest"

Also, new Chair Yoga training videos will be uploaded each week enabling you choose your favorite video and repeating it multiple times.  However, all the videos will remain in the library, as long as, you have a membership status. 

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An Inspirational Message prior to each video to get your day started on a positive note.

8 LIVE Zoom Chair Yoga Classes per month.  Each class on it's own would be $5 and the total cost of the membership per month is only $22 per month. 

5 Guided Meditations to help you relax before bedtime or when your feeling stressed or overwhelmed
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"I am so glad I found you.  I have lower back pain and I needed to find an effective way to exercise.  You are a godsend."



"You have helped me so much!!  I am so grateful, please don’t ever stop making these videos. Thank you"



"I simply LOVE your workouts.  I have

been doing them for 2 weeks and I

already see a difference in my

flexibility.  Thank you so much."